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Community Raises over $1,400 for Local Resident with Flapjack Fundraiser

The Apple Gold Group, franchisee of Applebee’s restaurants in North Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas, is proud to have helped Bill Stroup, a local resident with lung cancer, raise over $1,400 at a recent Flapjack Fundraiser. Proceeds raised will help cover his travel costs for treatment of stage four lung cancer.

"It was an honor for our team to support the fundraising efforts for Bill Stroup," said Michael Olander, President and CEO of the Apple Gold Group. "Our thoughts are with him and his family and we wish him the best of luck with his treatment."

The Bill Stroup fundraiser was hosted on February 26, 2011, by the Applebee’s restaurant located at 433 Earl Road, Shelby, NC. The organization sold 160 tickets and an additional $400 in donations was collected. Breakfast included a short stack of pancakes, sausage, milk, juice and coffee.

Applebee’s is proud to partner with any local non-profit organization as a way to raise money for their cause. From ticket sales to event-day staff, the breakfasts are managed by the non-profit organization with the assistance of Applebee’s employee volunteers. Breakfasts can be held on Saturday or Sunday morning, and cost the organization around $2 a meal. The Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraisers represent the restaurant chain’s latest efforts to remain active within its local neighborhood. To request a Flapjack Fundraiser to benefit your non-profit organization, please visit

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